Why should you chose us among others or internal resources?

While chosing DA2M, you are can be assured to select best in class group of Experts in the Data Management area. We are not a Consultancy company who will spend time at your company, provide you with a report of possible improvements and leave. We will analyse your data, structure them, make them available for your to make business decision and at the same time coach and train your employees how to own the data ongoing forward. We give you also the possibility to benchmark your company to the best in class ones.

What services can we provide you with?

DA2M is the company for Data Driven Decision making. We are specializing in data analysis, data visualization, providing expertise in data management, big data, SAP, ERP, data dashboards and PowerBI, setting up the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), implementing Business Intelligence, digitization and digital platform strategies. Please contact us to get the tailored offer to your current challenges.

What about Safety of my data?

Chosing an external company and providing them with internal, sometimes sensitive data, always triggers the question of Safety and Security. With DA2M you can be assured that your data is secured, we work via VPN Encryption and will comply to your own Rules & Regulation. We always start the service by signing your Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and discuss the data security. We can work on Site if requested or remotely via VPN or virtual machine. Your data is not never stored on our servers and we always flag any possible conflict of interest at the time.

How to get a quotation from us?

Every service we provide to the customers is tailored to their needs. Simply contact us by e-mail, chat or phone and after a small dialogue we will provide you with a customised estimated quotation, based on your requirements. You can also follow us on Social Media to get a better feeling of our work.

What to do after service provided?

Many external companies consult you on a period of time and they you are left alone with a roadmap that never gets implemented. With DA2M we are together with you on this journey and we take pride of our creation, hapily sharing our knowledge and expertise with your employees. We provide coaching and trainings, to make sure that our service doesn't expire with time.